Stacey Ferguson: “Best Practices for Building Relationships with Bloggers”


STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. The end game for both brands and bloggers is to develop a trusted, long-term and fruitful relationship with one another. What does that mean for each party? What are the secrets for achieving those goals?

This session with veteran blogger and influencer marketing network leader Stacey Ferguson will cover best practices.


  • • effective strategies for outreach and contract negotiation;
  • • how to collaborate on campaigns to ensure maximum ROI;
  • • the Top 3 Don’ts when working with bloggers;
  • • the differences between editorial coverage and advertising coverage;
  • • and examples of mutually successful campaigns.


STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. Stacey Ferguson helps brands and bloggers develop trusted, long-term and fruitful relationships with one another.


Filmed June 12, 2015.

Clip: What companies should expect from bloggers, starting with a complete media kit

Clip: The difference between marketing and public relations from a blogger’s point of view

Clip: Why brands must do homework on bloggers before pitching them

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54 minutes


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