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Erika NapoletanoErika Napoletano

Erika Napoletano: “The Power of Storytelling: Bold Results Through Brutal Honesty”


STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. Create bold results for your brand by embracing brutal honesty. Erika Napoletano reveals the formula for getting it done.

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STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. You lean in. Stop what you’re doing. You watch the video when you’re supposed to be writing a proposal that’s already 2 days overdue. Why?

The power of storytelling has sucked you in, leaving what you were supposed to be doing behind. What if you were able to tell stories that made people forget what they’re supposed to be doing?

You can — and there’s a formula to getting it done. If you’re ready to transform the way you connect with your audience (and maybe the other most important people in your life), this workshop will get you on your way. Create bold results for your brand by embracing brutal honesty.


  • • Your Story: What makes it (and you) special
  • • Why Some Stories Don’t Work: discover the Meat Suit and if you’re wearing one
  • • The Storytelling Formula: What every story has to have in order to work
  • • What Scares You: How every fear you have is fodder for your next loved story
  • • Case Studies: Powerful stories, their similarities while being vastly different
  • • Your Homework: An assignment to carry with you from beyond this workshop into every facet of life and business, designed to help you continuously craft stories that people want to hear.


Filmed July 23, 2013.

Our guests said …

  • • “Very inspiring and insightful. She was engaging and fun. She rocked!”
  • • “Edgy, informative, fun.”
  • • “She’s fucking great at what she does! 🙂 “


Clip: How individual and corporate stories are alike

Clip: The risk of standing out

Clip: Unpopular vs. unlikeable

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