Laura Creekmore: “Understanding Your Audience’s Content Need”


STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. We often say that content strategy starts with the business need, but we should say that your content strategy really starts with your audience. Without an audience, you don’t have a business goal.

This workshop helps you understand your audience’s demand for content — and how to meet that need. If that’s starting to sound a little like UX (user experience), you’re not far off. Learn about the content-focused tools you can use to better understand what your audience needs from you.


  • • Find your audiences;
  • • Read the signals they’re already sending you;
  • • Design content that meets your audience needs;
  • • Train a team to create content according to your plan;
  • • Sell the strategy to your C-suite.


STREAMING/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO. Laura Creekmore helps you understand your audience’s demand for content — and how to meet that need.

Bonus: Laura’s book recommendations


Filmed June 12, 2015.

Our guests said …

• “Very informative! Answered a lot of questions.”
• “It was super useful and gave me tools to understand my audience.”
• “Awesome. Laura is a great presenter with great content. Outstanding.

Clip: Three examples of how simple user stories can lead to great targeted content

Clip: How a card sort works, and how it aids in development of site content

Clip: How to know your audience when creating content

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45 minutes


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