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Deb Krier, Rebecca Dobrinski

Deb Krier, left, and Rebecca Dobrinski at Y’all Connect

I first “met” Deb Krier on the radio, as a guest on “The SociaLight Show.” I was thrilled to be on the air as a first-time conference organizer.

Deb does a terrific job of seeking out social media practitioners and experts from around the country to discuss trends and ideas for her radio audience. In addition, she shows off her own insights as an adviser, speaker and trainer based in Atlanta.

She’s president of Wise Women Communications and the 2008 Outstanding Woman of Achievement as selected by the Denver chapter of the Association for Women in Communications.

I loved meeting her in person when she came to Birmingham in July for Y’all Connect. And not only did she grab a ticket but also jumped in as a volunteer greeter for our opening night party!

• Was there a particular speaker or topic that drew you to Y’all Connect?

All of the speakers sounded great. I was intrigued by Peter Shankman, but I knew I’d have a hard time picking between the sessions!

• What was your main reason for attending Y’all Connect?

Learning, networking and I’d never been to Birmingham! Also, on a personal side, I host a weekly radio program that focuses on social media and I was hoping to get future guests for my program.

• Tell me about what you do for a living.

I teach professionals how to use social media to promote themselves and their businesses.

• Was this your first trip to Birmingham? To Alabama? If so, what did you think?

First trip to Birmingham! I definitely want to go back and play tourist.

• What did you get out of Y’all Connect?

I learned a lot, made new friends and yes, got a few guests for my radio program, including James Spann and Peter Shankman.

• Who did you meet at Y’all Connect that inspired you?

Wow. Hard to say because I really enjoyed myself and met quite a few great people. I think overall I was inspired by the passion that both the attendees and speakers have.

I can’t wait to watch the videos from all of the speakers. I’ll watch the sessions I attended because I’m sure I missed something and I look forward to watching the videos from those I was unable to attend.

• What would you change about Y’all Connect for 2014?

More time for networking on site. The evening events were great, but most of the attendees didn’t attend.

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