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Where do you need help with digital marketing? Tell us.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions or point you to the best resources online and offline.

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Let’s kill vanity metrics

Leaders should cut off funding for these ego-driven exercises in vanity metrics. They should demand clear analytics reporting and tie them to specific business goals.

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flying swings

The unnecessary perpetual motion of social media

What’s the point of your social media?

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TripleDent Gum

How much should our brand post on social media?

Post often, post fearlessly, and keep the audience in mind at all times.

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Is blogging still a thing? Hell no.

This isn’t the time to start a blog, and it’s a perfect moment to escape blogging for longtime practitioners.

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Let’s connect on Instagram, y’all …

We show off great photos from around the city, from friends, from followers and from complete strangers who have a knack for capturing special moments.

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A beginner’s guide to curation the easy way

Pick a method or two, and learn to curate information painlessly and quickly.

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These metrics apps bring statistical clarity to social media

Here are four tools that help me understand my social media marketing and interaction …

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insect collection

Where do you curate your information?

I’ll share a few of mine, but I’d rather hear how you’re doing it.

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Why Bitly is the only link shortener you need

Short links are the currency of social media. We see them, we share them, we click them.

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