What makes a good (corporate) story?

As you start and hone your corporate storytelling, what do you need?

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Win a conference ticket on Alabama Bloggers!

One of our favorite sites, Alabama Bloggers, has featured our conference in a story today. In addition, it has a new sweepstakes offering a $129 ticket to Y’all Connect on July 23.

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Hyundai pulls shocking car ad; a viewer shares her grief

Hyundai used attempted suicide to sell its environmentally friendly cars.

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The following

Keep up with Y’all Connect any way you like …

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When the AP is hacked, what or who can you trust on Twitter?

Y’all Connect’s Wade Kwon spoke with Fox 6 to discuss how lapses in reliability affect both media outlets and their followers.

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Mack Collier on handling negative blog comments

Y’all Connect speaker Mack Collier knows how to deal with negative commenters on corporate blogs. He share his ideas with the Alabama Social Media Association in a 40-minute video.

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Top 10 ways to tell a brand story in 2013

A list of unique approaches to current storytelling.

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Andrea Weckerle discusses online civility and how to cultivate it

Y’all Connect speaker Andrea Weckerle discusses approaches for all of us online in building and maintaining civility. She shares her thoughts in the Trafcom News Podcast for March.

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Proposal: new guidelines for social media during a crisis

I propose a few guidelines on how brands can handle social media when crises occur.

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What’s the difference between storytelling and corporate speak?

California-based public relations group the Hoffman Agency put together this infographic delineating the virtues of storytelling vs. the vices of corporate speak.

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