Update: Second chance for ticket buyers


We’re going to leave ticket sales open a little while longer.

We want the rows of seats to be packed as we welcome Andrea, Erika, Ike, James, Jenny, Mack, Mitch, Nichole, Peter and Shelly onstage.

We want you to meet all of these great people from all over Alabama and the South and the nation.

We simply don’t want you to miss out on the parties, the networking and the unmatched corporate storytelling skills you’ll learn in 1 day.

And for those who want guaranteed seating at every session, we have just four VIP tickets left.

Don’t wait any longer … get your pass to Y’all Connect today.

Photo: Steve Swayne (CC)

Tickets on sale till July 22,
or till they run out!

Buy Your Tickets


P.S. If you’d like to earn money selling tickets to Y’all Connect, contact us for details.

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