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The power of digital storytelling: Your story monetized

Digital storytelling can build trust and build relationships with fans and customers. It conveys a theme over time that attracts the curious, and it can take on many forms from blog posts to tweets to slideshows to videos. But can digital storytelling make money?

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The power of digital storytelling: Your storytelling style

What’s wonderful about digital storytelling is the number of ways we can tell our stories. Each of us has a wide range of channels, voices and brands to use, whether we’re narrating for ourselves or on behalf of a company.

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The power of digital storytelling: Your story

I spent Friday’s lunch hour leading a discussion on the Power of Storytelling with See Jane Write’s Bloggers Who Brunch. With so many bloggers and social media power users in the room, it was easy to ask them for their ideas and insights into how we share stories online.

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Free ebook: “The Social Media Stars of Birmingham”

I have exciting news … I’ve written my first book! But I didn’t do it alone: I had 21 of the best and brightest in Birmingham co-write this terrific manuscript. Together, we celebrate “The Social Media Stars of Birmingham.”

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Proposal: new guidelines for social media during a crisis

I propose a few guidelines on how brands can handle social media when crises occur.

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James Spann on the “servant’s heart” in social media

Y’all Connect speaker James Spann gives tips on how a broadcast journalist not only reaches a big audience online, but also approaches it with a “servant’s heart.”

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Huntsville wins its own social media conference

Huntsville won a Facebook contest on Tuesday to hold the 2013 Social Media Tourism Symposium in November. The Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau led the voting effort on Facebook and Twitter, beating out Missoula, Mont.

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Read like a rock star!

On my doorstep today was a special delivery. The box contained my first copy of “Think Like a Rock Star” by Y’all Connect speaker Mack Collier. I can’t wait to tear through it.

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Ike Pigott responds to a tweeter with ‘Serenity’

When Y’all Connect keynote speaker Ike Pigott detected an unhappy soul in the ‘verse, he sprang into action. He used a common interest, “Firefly,” to connect with a stranger commenting on Twitter about Alabama Power.

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