More marketing, onscreen and beyond

Wooing takes time. And the right approach.

Marketers may bring leads in the door, but then what? Is it up to salespeople to close the deal?

Let’s work together with Sales to turn browsers into customers.

If they watch a product demo on Facebook Live …

  • Invite them to a free lunch-and-learn session in the office.

If they download a white paper …

  • Send links to competitors’ white papers on the same topic. (Show them yours is the best.)

If they leave a comment on a recent blog post …

  • Follow up with a personal email. (I still think fondly of the emails received from one super blogger.)

If they fill out the site contact form …

  • Offer a 30-day free trial period as a special incentive.

If they mention your product or brand on Twitter or Instagram …

  • Follow back immediately.

If they link to your site from their blog …

  • Send them a branded token of appreciation (how about fidget spinners, water bottle or stickers?).

If they review your app …

  • Offer an opportunity to try the beta version of an upcoming app.

If they sign up for your newsletter …

  • Sign up for their newsletter.

If they have a chat session on your site …

  • Ask them to fill out a short survey.

These next steps aren’t groundbreaking. They’re merely signals to show interest in the potential customer. Taking the next step in marketing requires only a little thoughtfulness and effort.

That may be all that’s needed to stand out from competition.

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