Run fast, run free: See this student spec spot

Video: “Adidas — Break Free,” by Eugen Merher

Adidas may not care for this homegrown commercial, but the advertising community seems to love it.

Student filmmaker Eugen Merher wrote and directed this spec commercial in 2016, but put it online with new music in November on Vimeo and in December on YouTube. “Adidas — Break Free” has soared in views this past week, with writeups in USA Today, the Huffington Post, AgencySpy, Digital Synopsis and Fast Company.

A fourth-year student at Germany’s Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg, he tells Adweek that his inspiration was the death of a distant relative. Merher did hear back from an Adidas representative who told him the company didn’t need the spot, already having agencies in place.

The story is straightforward: Nursing home resident wants to escape his confines. The commercial isn’t noisy or flashy.

But it has a great gut-punch of emotion in under 2 minutes.

We all have the tools to create stories that resonate. And whether we find them internally or externally, we should pay closer attention to the ones that leave such an impression.

Eugen Merher

Eugen Merher

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