Where do you curate your information?

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I like to curate information that I find interesting. I really like to auto-curate, letting the magic of technology do the work for me.

But where do you put it all to share? We have so many options. I’ll share a few of mine, but I’d rather hear how you’re doing it.

If I’m willing to take the time, I’ll put it all in a Storify post. I like Storify, because I can embed the posts later (and other fans can, too), and readers can interact with any element (including Like, Comment and Share).

Lazy me prefers using Twitter updates all sharing a hashtag. Each tweet automatically adds to the pile, which is now easier than ever to scroll or search. (Only recently have I started compiling the tweets into blog posts.)

Twitter even has a hidden feature: linked tweets. Perfect for longer thoughts, or curated info.

Power users can embed multiple tweets and collections.

I’ve used Slideshare decks, blog posts, Google Sheets (see below for example) and Facebook lists (must be logged in).

I wasn’t kidding about those limitless options. What are you using for curation? Snapchat stories? Facebook groups? Tumblr? YouTube? LinkedIn? Slack?

Let me know in the comments. And share links if you can.

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