Resisting the seduction of the digital marketing rut


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We have tons of information at our fingertips. And it’s easier than ever to ignore.

We can easily shelter ourselves in filter bubbles, taking in any articles, videos, memes and other media that reinforce our world views, while quickly blocking anything that challenges these notions. It’s easy to believe that our way is the right way and the only way.

We’re not here to discuss the subtle nuances of politics or religion. Instead, let us look at digital marketing.

We may stick to a certain methodology in working on our blogs, or creating Facebook ad campaigns or Snapchat stories. Perhaps we rely a little too much on the maxim, “That the way it’s always been done” (“always” being a relative term). Or we know these are the best practices based on training, a Business Insider article or a random LinkedIn post.

We have inadvertently trapped ourselves in a comfortable but restraining filter bubble.

While this can be an efficient way to execute our marketing plan, it can cause problems down the road. We may blind ourselves to changes in our audiences, our channels and our effectiveness. We may miss out on opportunities because we haven’t explored options very well.

We may simply trip on our own cleverness.

Fortunately, we can escape the bubble with a little effort. Just realizing our predicament can lead us away from the ease of groupthink and the digital marketing rut.

The fast evolution of videos, blogs, social media, email, texting and other digital media means we’ll always have crazy options to reach our audiences. If we brainstorm. If we keep our eyes open. If we dare try new things.

We must resist the rut. For our brands, for our fans and for our creative souls.

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