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Christmas card

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We still love a good Christmas card. Seeing a new one in the mailbox brings joy even before we’ve torn the envelope open to see your holiday photo and family letter.

(Honest confession time, folks: We’ve been lax in sending out our own Christmas cards … for years. ‘Tis better to receive?)

Thank you to those kind-hearted souls who still take the time to mail out stacks of cards, even as holiday distractions creep in.

Of course, we still love seeing Christmas cheer via email, Facebook and even tiny Vine. But for those of you looking to cut back on holiday spam, may we recommend

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The free service scans your primary email account for subscriptions, and allows you to keep or unsubscribe any and all of them. It can also create a daily digest of your preferred newsletters. (Alas, it doesn’t work for users like me who have multiple email accounts accessed through a program.)

Why recommend such a service, when we want you to subscribe to our own free newsletter?

Because we know that your time is important, and that if you subscribe to our free newsletter, we should make it worth opening and reading and clicking. If someone subscribes to our free newsletter, we must make it compelling enough that you’ll never want to unsubscribe.

(Subtle, no?)

We offer tips, discounts, exclusive news and more to those cool folks who subscribe to our free newsletter, which comes out once a week.

So clean up all those other newsletters, and subscribe to our free newsletter right now.

And make room for what matters most, whether it’s holiday tidings or dogs in Santa hats.

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